Press machines are widely used in almost all manufacturing sectors. We have compiled some of these for you:

Metal Industry

Metal industry is one of the sectors where the use of a press is the most common. In metal processing factories, different types of presses are needed, from low tonnages to the highest tonnages. Hydraulic, eccentric and mechanical etc. We can see many application areas of presses in this sector. Presses are used to curl, bend, cut or give 3D forms of metal sheets in different compositions.

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Building Trade

In the construction sector, pressing processes have an important place. Many carrier materials, tensile materials, steel ropes, steel profiles having different types of sections (I, U, T, Z), galvanized sheets used in coating, steel fibers and other roofing materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metals are used as raw materials. Thus, in the manufacturing processes of these products, press machines are indispensable.

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Automotive Industry

In the manufacture of automobiles, different types of metal materials are used. Since the products are offered directly to human use, they pass through sensitive manufacturing processes. In this industry where measurement accuracy and safety come to the forefront, the machines and equipment used should be of superior quality and quality. Almost all of the technical equipment of the car in the process of shaping, advanced technology presses appear. From the body sheets to the motor, each part passes through a pressing operation. Aluminum, galvanized, zinc and steel are among the most frequently used raw materials.

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Ship-building Industry

Since the basic material of the shipbuilding sector is steel, it is almost impossible to see a manufacturing shipyard that does not use a press. Presses are used in the manufacture of all ship types, from giant cargo ships to the smallest workboats. We also encounter presses in the outer stages of the buildings, in the steps of the stairs and in the manufacturing stages. Many types of presses are used in different tonnages and sizes.

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600 Tons Motor Operated Hydraulic Workshop Press
400 Tons Motor Operated Hydraulic Workshop Press

Defense Industry

The defense industry, which includes land, marine, aviation, spacecraft and weapons systems, is also used extensively. Metal processing operations are carried out in the manufacture of tanks, vans, intervention vehicles, ships, boats, submarines, helicopters, airplanes, zeppelins, satellites, unmanned aerial vehicles, guns, bombs, missiles, and many other products. Therefore, the use of a press is still common.

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Packaging Industry

The packaging sector is growing day by day. The fact that each product is packaged under special conditions has increased the investments made in this process in recent years. As in almost every sector, there are special press machines used in the packaging industry. Especially with the competition created in the food sector, it is predicted that press machines will be needed for many years.

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White Goods

Plastic or steel pressing processes are carried out in A .daz Z for the production of all white goods. All equipment such as steel frames, plastic coverings, spare parts used in the products such as television, refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, hood, cooker are shaped. Products; bending, bending, cutting.

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Kitchen Equipments

Have you ever thought about how little hand tools are produced in your kitchen? Presses play an important role in the shaping processes of pans, kitchen robots, cutting apparatus, metal ladles, spoon-cutlery, teapots and all other equipment that we cannot count.

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